Express Yourself – with Pins!

by Marilyn Churchill

When you look at photos of notable women from the past: Prime Ministers, Ambassadors, First Ladies, Movie Stars, and Queens, you will notice; they are all wearing pins – often in combination with a strand of pearls.

Good news! Pins have made a comeback. Today, women can choose pins that are as unique as they are; pins that tell a story, or send a message about the person who is wearing them. I’ve found that pins invite comments and compliments, and are great conversation starters.

In the cover photo I’m wearing my Grandmother’s beautiful 150 year-old cameo pin securely pinned to a boucle sweater. And what goes better with a cameo than another cameo and a string of pearls, (or two!)


Here are three of my favorite pins. Why not wear them all together in a cluster?

Another great idea; Elevate your hat and put a pin on your brim!

This enamel and Swarovski crystal bow pin by Heidi Daus adds the perfect amount of sparkle to my sun hat. It reminds me of the Eisenberg bow pin that my Grandmother used to wear on her navy coat.












And here is Grandmother’s Eisenberg pin. The crystals on her pin are made of paste and have turned dull over time – and one is missing altogether.


My sister poses in a baseball cap, proving that a pin can turn even a humble hat into a sophisticated fashion statement.

(This is another Heidi Daus pin I found on eBay; one of her early pieces.)

















So wear your pins confidently! You are not only on-trend; you are continuing the trend of notable women throughout history.

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3 thoughts on “Express Yourself – with Pins!

  1. Cecile

    I Love your photos and a sweet reminder to start wearing something pretty everyday. Pull those lovelies out of your jewelry box or add something new to your collection. Big bold bodacious brooches are definitely a conversation starter. My jewelry box is calling me. I’ve been noticing a lot of luchious vintage button bracelets available on line. Thanks for your blog. You wear your jewelry well. ?


  2. Marilyn Churchill

    Thanks, Cecile. I like hearing that you share my sentiments about pins – and I know you must have some fabulous ones! I’ll have to figure out how to make it possible for readers to post their own photos to my blog.


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