How to get your glow on

by Marilyn Churchill

Get your Glow-On with a LightStim LED handheld device

Used in in spas, by plastic surgeons, dermatologists – and by me, when I’m otherwise sitting idly in front of the TV.

Here are the claims: Reduces pore size, builds collagen and elastin, diminishes wrinkles, firm and tones … and after using this device for over seven years, I have to say these claims are true for me. With consistent use, improvement of the facial skin is noticeable.

A few years ago, I dropped my LightStim on the floor and broke it. When I made an urgent phone call to the company and ended up gushing to customer service about how much I liked their device, they sent me a free replacement in exchange for my testimonial. That was nice!

Expectations must be realistic, of course. There’s no such thing as an “anti-aging” product; (we are all aging every moment,) but LightStim continues to give my skin a fresh, healthy glow in the meanwhile. I highly recommend it, and you can find all the science on their website. I can imagine drenching my whole body in this warm red light, and I see now that they sell those units too!

Professional Strength – UV-free – Clinically proven results – over 200 medical and university studies show no negative effects.




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