You Cannot Tell the Young

by Marilyn Churchill

Something happens to your eyes as you get older. You look at your aging friends and say, “You look Great!” – and you mean it!

You look at young people, and they look …  Young!

Most of us would not wish to go back in time –not back down that road of hard won territory! We had a cause and it brought us this far. But perspectives change over time. Life looks … different.

I refused to read the seminal book “Passages,” when it was first published. I scorned the idea of being typecast. As a young art student, I wanted to strip off old customs, and determined to live a wholly creative and unpredictable life. I smile at some of my old ideas. Looking back, I recognize a certain youthful and unavoidable arrogance, and know that amongst the multitude of things I could not have comprehended, is the shortness of time between then and now.

I still haven’t read the book, “Passages,” but I know this much; the author categorizes the seasons of life, along with the human impulses that dominate and govern each one. “To everything there is a season.” It seems too obvious a truth now to protest. Like water running down stream, so much of life is predictable. Humans are born with systems linked to inner clocks that move our bodies through sequential stages of life where lessons of spirit are gathered over time. But the young are like seeds bursting into a new spring with no room for memories or remorse. No, you cannot tell the young what it is to be old.

There stand the youth,

Warriors on the threshold of the world,

Gathering new ceremony and rituals

To guide them on their way.

Wish the travelers well,

But you will grow wings and fly.

-M. Churchill



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2 thoughts on “You Cannot Tell the Young

  1. Cecile

    Well said Marilyn,.
    I’m glad we are not old yet.


    1. Marilyn Churchill

      Young at heart – always!! 🙂


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