Good Lighting / Perfect Angle

by Marilyn Churchill

Don’t trust your camera! I just took a picture of a beautiful rose — and the rose looked terrible! Without the perfect lighting, the rose lost it’s dimension, the colors were skewed, and the shadows were confusing.

So next time you take a bad picture, it’s probably quite reasonable to say, “That does not look like me!”

Photos seldom capture the dimensional essence of who we are. The greatest beauty asset a mature woman can have is a clear and pleasant countenance;  a unique “set” to her features that speaks of her life choices, and the beliefs that she holds. An unflinching sense of self-confidence  (a hard-earned trait!) is immensely attractive. This is what I look for in faces these days.

That said, when the camera is pointing our way, we all want to take a good picture. So here’s a list of practical tips for those times when posing is required.

If you have a “good side,” don’t be shy; line yourself up for your best shot!

For a full body shot, an asymmetryical pose adds interesting lines of movement to the picture. Tilt your hip, and place you hand on the smallest part of your waist.

For outdoor shoots, the most flattering light is in the morning or in the golden glow of sunset.

Whatever the available light, avoid harsh shadows on your face.

Angle your face slightly. It’s usually more flattering than a straight-on pose.

Here’s a time-honored pose to experiment with: look up while tilting your head down for an interesting up-close, personal shot. (Hmm … just tried it; not so sure … 🙂 )

And most important of all, remember, when you smile at the camera, make sure your eyes are smiling too!

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