A simple Craft Idea with heart.


I spent considerable time last year planning my garden, shopping for plants, and coddling my roses, and by the time autumn rolled around, my garden boasted an exuberance of flowers. Since half the joy of gardening is sharing the beauty, I was delighted when an anonymous person left a rock by my garden gate with the word “Love” painted on it. I took it as applause for a job well done and that rock still sits proudly on the spot where my unknown friend placed it.

This year, a wet winter and an early spring conspired to bring an unusual abundance of flowers. My roses were magnificent. Once again, I was delighted to discover a second painted stone under the roses by my garden gate. The feeling was deliciously uplifting!

I examined the two rocks for similarities. Were they painted by the same hand? I couldn’t tell. But I was just as happy with this second rock as I was with the first! That’s when I got the idea.

The next time my 10 year old guest came to visit, (the grand-daughter of a dear friend,) I had my craft planned. I find that, not unlike the sewing bees of yesteryear, sitting down with friends of all ages and focusing on simple crafts creates a relaxed attitude conducive to conversation.

First, I took my little friend on a tour of my gardens, pointing out the two painted rocks, still in their same spots, and describing my surprise at finding them. Then I made a 2 part proposal that started with, “How ’bout we …”

By then, she couldn’t wait to get started!

On that first day, we picked our rocks and painted them with acrylic paint. After they had thoroughly dried, I sealed the painted side with a clear acrylic varnish.

On the second day we walked to the other side of the village, (so as not to intrude on my rock benefactor(s) territory,) and tried not to look suspicious as we secretly placed the rocks in gardens we wished to applaud. The whole rock thing was so much fun, and such a simple craft to pull off that I highly recommend it.


Okay, you’re not going to believe this, but while I was writing this blog, my husband came in and told me that someone (not him) had left another painted rock in my garden! Truth! I would not lie to you!

Isn’t it cute? It’s my new favorite!

Rock on!




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